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Hello everyone!

My name is Sophie and I work at Popsy HQ. I spend 5 days out of 7 here at Popsy, assisting Greg and Cherish with the day to day running of the brand.

I started my role here at Popsy in May 2019. The company has grown so much since I have been here and we now gearing up for our busiest year since the brand was founded in 2017.

It has been a crazy whirlwind ever since I joined Popsy. When I first applied for the job, I did not quite realise how busy it was here, and how much everybody had to do! (Our customers certainly keep us busy)

It was not until I had spent a couple of weeks here, that I realised just how manic the days are, and just how much love there is for the brand. My background is within the fashion industry, so I was aware of how everything works prior to joining Popsy, but I just did not realise how popular Popsy was. At a time of uncertainty within the industry, especially on the high street, I guess you never truly know how brands are getting on but Popsy has just been crazy busy ever since my first day. Of course, we have continued to grow massively since May last year, and I am so excited to see where it goes. I feel like I have definitely joined at the most exciting time.

So what do I spend my days doing? Our team is still relatively small so that means I get involved in a variety of tasks. My day to day starts with answering customer messages and ensuring that we are on top of all of your questions and queries. I also start my day by looking over the new activity in our Popsy ‘Frocks and Friends’ Facebook group to keep up to date with what our customers think!

I then spend the rest of my day forming part of the design team, and it is my job to work alongside Cherish to get all of the new dresses designed and sampled. I have always been a naturally creative person, and ever since I was small, I have loved designing and making things! This is also where I have my experience from my previous roles, and I absolutely love this area of my job so this does not feel like work to me.

Even though I look forward to coming to work every day, my favourite days are our Photoshoots. It’s fantastic to see the new designs being photographed, knowing that you’re all going to love them! So much time goes in to each one of the prints, and every one of us works very hard to make sure that each dress is absolutely perfect. It’s great to see something that was once a conversation or an idea, coming to life when we’re on shoot.

We have a really nice, laid back office environment where only a few of us are situated - Cherish and I are constantly singing along to the radio, much to Greg’s delight (!) and there are always biscuits and sweets around to keep us going. Our sewing ladies and packing team also have their own little areas, and they really are the backbone of Popsy. Without them, I think we would all tear our hair out! They work super hard to make sure that the orders are sent out as efficiently as possible. We all have good fun here at Popsy HQ and no two days are ever the same.

I feel very lucky to have found my job at Popsy. Previously, I have worked in Fashion jobs where I have rarely had any time for myself, and although they gave me great experience that I was able to carry with me, I found that my work/life balance was basically non-existent at these jobs. Since I joined Popsy, I really have found the perfect job for me. I have always wanted to work within this industry and this is where I have my experience now - but within previous roles, I felt almost as if I had fallen out of love with the industry due to how cut-throat and demanding it can be. Popsy has changed that and the whole company ethos is all about building people up to feel the best that they can feel. This definitely filters down to a working level. As you all know, Cherish and Greg are both very kind, understanding people and care wholeheartedly about Popsy. They also care about the team and they make sure that everyone is happy with what they are doing. Within such a small team, I am made to feel valued and like my help really matters! It’s a nice feeling to have, rather than being within a corporate company where you are just a number. We have a great team spirit and it is like a little family here at Popsy HQ. I’m really looking forward to what the next year has in store for me at Popsy - it has been a journey so far, but I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Sophie x 


  • Alice Hutchins

    Sophie, I loved reading your blog and you have helped me out on a couple of occasions so thank you 😊 it sounds like you are super busy every day
    All of the dresses reflect how much love and effort you put into to them. Keep up the good work xxx

  • Nik

    Really interesting read Sophie… Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a great place to work and so glad you are enjoying it.

  • Emma Ducommun

    How lovely to get an insight through your eyes Sophie. Working for a company where you are valued is amazing. Well done Popsy HQ we love you even more now.

  • Sara Neighbour

    Thanks for sharing Sophie. Sounds like you have the dream job. I found Popsy last year. The dresses, jumpsuits & coatigan, not forgetting the tights have brightened up my world.

  • Steph R

    So lovely to learn more about your job Sophie and how fulfilling you’re finding working at Popsy. Here’s hoping the coming year is full of exciting experiences for you all x

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