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Oh no my dress doesn't fit....No problem Popsy can help!! 

What we can alter

Length √

We can shorten all of our Dresses and Jumpsuits to your desired length. 

Sleeves √

We can shorten sleeves on all of our items. 


How it works: 

1) Buy the Popsy item(s) you love from our store. 

2) Popsy will delivery your purchase as normal. 

3) You find your item is too long - No problem. 

4) Purchase an alteration. 

5) Pin your item to your desired length or write down how many cm/inches you wish to have taken off your item. 

6) Pop your item in the post to us with your alteration order number & original order number. 

7) Popsy will alter the length and send it back out to you. 


PLEASE NOTE - Any item(s) altered will become non-returnable. Please ensure you are happy with your original purchase and desired length before alterations are made. 

If you require any additional alterations not mentioned above please send an email to and if we are able to help, we will. We only offer this service to items purchased directly from Popsy Clothing. 

Bust (cm) Waist (cm) Hips (cm)
8 85 67 92.5
10 89 71 96.5
12 94 76 101.5
14 99 81 106.5
16 104 86 111.5
18 110 92 117.5
20 116 98 123.5
22 112 104 129.5