Self care and you all deserve to do it too!

Taking time out for yourself can seem impossible when you have so much to juggle right? Work, kids, housework.....the list goes on and on and on!

Before children I would think nothing of lounging around in bed all Sunday afternoon, eating my body weight in Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and watching total rubbish on the tv! An early morning for me was 9am and the only time I ever saw 5.30am was when I was stumbling in from a night out! 

As soon as the poppets came along though everything changed and along with it a whole lot of responsibility. I would by lucky if I could pee on my own and the most relaxing I seem to do nowadays is sit in the bath with at least 1 child in with me surrounded by 101 bath toys and the odd cup of water chucked over my head for good measure. 

I wouldn’t change my life with my children for the whole entire world but I would be lying if I said I don’t daydream about the days when I could sleep as much as I wanted.....and actually relax! So when Greg bought me a voucher for a 1 night stay at Hoar Cross Hall at Christmas I literally squealed when I opened it. We used to go to Hoar Cross all the time before we had children and it used to be one of my absolute favourite places!! In fact I found out that Greg nearly proposed to me while at Hoar Cross but he left the ring at home and decided to propose the weekend after. So it’s our “we nearly got engaged here but you forgot the ring” special kinda place.

The most beautiful spa, walking around in your bath robes, it’s like it’s own little world where all your worries and stress are left at the door and you enter a totally relaxing little bubble. Mum guilt reared her ugly head (of course she did, she always does!)....leaving the girls for a night, they will miss us (they don’t!) Popsy will simply crash and fall apart if I’m not working constantly (it won’t!) but I pulled myself together and decided I was going to enjoy a night away. I had to admit the thought of just lounging around, sleeping, eating and feeling calm sounded like absolute paradise!

Pulling in it’s just as beautiful as I remember. The grounds are amazing and the building really is special. When you arrive there’s calming music, really lovely smells and you’re given a bathrobe and slippers. Anybody that knows me will tell you the love I have for my dressing gown. Im genuinely devastated when it goes in the wash and I have to wait for it to dry! First thing I do when I’m in the house is put my dressing gown on. In fact what am I wearing right now while I’m writing this? Yep you’ve got it! So anywhere where’s it’s totally acceptable to walk around in one is my kinda place! We checked in, got into our robes and it was kind of like what now? It has been so long since we actually didn’t have anything to do or anywhere to actually be. Bliss!!

We decided to lie by the pool and just do nothing! I read my book and for the first time in what feels like years...relaxed! The lighting in the spa is really tranquil and calming, there's a heat and ice suite and the facilities feel luxurious! I’m not usually one for steam rooms and avoid them...I think they’re probably every curly girls worst nightmare and I end up walking out looking like I’ve been electrocuted but I’m not sure what kinda magic it was but the salt inhalation steam room actually moisturised my hair! I came out with softer hair than when I went in so I was all over that!

My absolute favourite bit? They have a friggin snooze room! A whole room designated just for snoozing!! It’s got beds, blankets, little curtains! Greg did remind me that we had paid to be there for the spa and I might not want to actually sleep  my way through it all but it’s every parents paradise all wrapped up into one cosy room! Absolute bliss! They also have lots of little spots where you can just chill out which I loved!

We didn’t manage to get in the spa for any treatments. It is advised you book them before you arrive but being the disorganised person that I am, didn’t! Next time I will definitely book beforehand but it did mean I got to spend longer snoozing in the snooze room! Every cloud!

Now if you’ve followed us for a while you will probably know we are real foodies. I absolutely LOVE eating and I’m always sat at my desk nibbling away at something. The food (and if you caught our facebook live you will know the drinks) really are amazing! We had a package which included three course meal, breakfast and lunch the following day and I have to say, I was mega impressed!! Loads of choice and I can definitely recommend the Bellini cocktails! There was loads of choice, everything was fresh and the service was fab! 


No cooking, no cleaning, encouraged to walk around in your dressing gown and a room literally just for sleeping! I’m pretty sure I’ve found every adults dream place!

I was so excited to see my little girls when I got home and of course I missed them like crazy for the night BUT I definitely felt recharged, relaxed and ready to go again! I think so many of us are guilty of putting everybody and everything else first that we sometimes forget ourselves don't we? Like they say though, you can’t pour from an empty cup and I received so many messages from women who attended our meet up telling me they went home feeling so much better.

Sometimes we need to take the time for ourselves to do something just for us. Sitting reading a book, treating ourselves to a new nail varnish and paint our toes, nip off and see a friend without worrying about getting back for the school run or treating yourself to a chocolate bar! Whatever it is that you enjoy, make it a priority to do. 

It doesn't need to cost money but I am a big believer that we should all be regularly taking time to do something just for us and I think it is amazing for our mental health. As busy women we can often forget about ourselves but try and get into the habit of looking after yourself too. 

Maybe you’ve thought at the start of the year...this year in going to do something for myself or I’m going to treat myself to something and haven’t yet done it.

Grab your diary and jot down a date that you are doing something for YOU!

You absolutely deserve it!

Cherish x



  • Eve

    I went on Saturday the snooze room with the heated water beds was bliss was my first time and I loved it

  • Nik

    Love Hoarcross… Been visiting on and off for years. Greg and I must think alike because I bought John vouchers for Christmas too! So important to take time to recharge from time to time. Nx

  • Charlotte Ritson

    Love this! I agree it’s really scarily easy to feel guilty for taking time out to de-stress, when really it’s something that we should really see as an essential part of looking after ourselves. We have no issue telling someone to rest when they are physically tired or unwell, and need to make sure we take time out when we are mentally strained too. Totally agree that it’s not just allowing yourself to take time for self-care, but prioritising it.

  • Rachel Kemp

    It’s so true… you can’t give to people and help people if your cup is empty. Recharge ladies ( and gentlemen) in whatever way fits. So important physically as well for your mental health x

  • Elizabeth Threadgold

    I love this post Cherish and I agree totally. I decided that 2020 was going to be my year of change and I’ve made some big decisions to enable me to make more time for myself and my family.

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