How to style your Valentines outfit x

How to style your Valentines outfit

It’s that time of year again ladies, when we all hope for a little extra bit of romance in our lives. February 14th is St Valentine’s Day, when more couples go out for dinner together than at any other time of the year. (Although recent trends suggest that modern-day lovers are just as likely to settle down to a takeaway and an evening in front of the TV.)

But whether you’re going out or staying in, dressing up in something pretty is part of the deal. Not just because the evening could end in a proposal – there are around a million of them on this day just in the UK, and around five million more in the US  – but because Valentine’s Day is about feeling special – with or without a life partner.

If you don’t happen to have ‘that special someone’ in your life right now, you can still party. Just get together with a group of like-minded friends and have a ‘Galentine’s Day’ celebration of your own. And yes, it’s a real thing. It started out as a theme for an episode of a US comedy show, but it quickly spread to become a popular event over the pond. And now it’s landed here too. February 13th is supposed to be the official ‘Galentine’s Day’, but if you haven’t got a date with a romantic partner, why not have two Galentine’s in a row?


The perfect Valentine’s Day dresses

Whether it’s a quiet night in with your partner, or a cocktail get-together with friends, looking #popsypretty is a must. Wearing a heart-print outfit is an easy way of buying into the Valentine theme, but you’ll still be able to wear it throughout the rest of the year too. Our Nicole heart-print dress has a lovely swishy skirt, and it comes with an elegant belt – as well as pockets, of course!

A swing dress is also really feminine, so this is a great choice if you like to rock a vintage vibe. Our Roxanne vintage rose print dress has a gorgeous sweetheart neckline, and a beautiful print covered with red roses – the flowers that are said to represent true love.

The traditional colours associated with Valentine’s Day are red and pink. But that doesn’t mean you have to go full-on with either of them. Try giving a nod to the theme with red accessories, such as a pretty scarf, or statement shoes. For an extra touch of glamour you could add a touch of  sparkle, which always brightens up a winter evening. A sequinned bag or some glittery hairpins will sweep away the winter blues and have you sparkling all evening.


Warming touches

There’s a good chance you’ll be spending part of Valentine’s Day in front of a crackling log fire. But that doesn’t mean you need to swamp your pretty outfit with a heavy, bulky coat when it’s time to go outside.  Why not try our stylish coatigan – it’s smarter than a cardigan but more streamlined than a coat. And it’s got a lovely, full skirt too, which is perfect for that dramatic entrance – or exit!

Black boots are a failsafe option, with or without a heel. Or you could make a colourful statement with a warming pair of tights. Choose a muted colour, or celebrate the colours of St Valentine by wearing bright shades of red or burgundy. Wear sky-high heels, flats, or anything in between. Fashion rules are there to be broken, and we’re great believers in wearing what you feel comfortable in – then you can really be yourself all evening.

If you like to wear make up romantic dinners are almost always conducted in candlelight, so you can afford to up the intensity to suit the dimmer lighting. A smoky eye is always a good choice with a slick of eyeliner to define your lash line, and lashings of mascara. And you don’t have to opt for a red lip – but this is the perfect night for it!


Valentine for singletons

At Popsy, we want everyone to feel special, so we haven’t forgotten about those ladies who are going to be spending Valentine’s Day on their own. And we say that you don’t have to miss out on the fun – this is a day to celebrate love, and who better to love than ourselves?

Dressing up isn’t all about looking good for someone else’s benefit. It’s about celebrating ourselves, and knowing that we look good, and feel great. So if you’re on your own for Valentine’s Day, make a point of making yourself feel special. Dress up in your favourite Popsy dress – feeling #popsypretty is essential, as it immediately gives you a confidence boost – then spend time on your hair and makeup too. You’d do it for someone else, so why not do it just for yourself?

Now take a look in the mirror and blow yourself a kiss – you deserve it!

 Cherish x 



  • Karen

    Totally fab article! Love from the inside out :o)

  • Nik

    Happy Galentine’s Day to all Popsy girls for 13th February. Great blog Cherish x

  • Cheryl Terry-Short

    This is a fab well balanced article Cherish. Valentines Day is for everyone to feel loved and be loved, not just by our partner in life, but all the special people in our lives x

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