WE WON!!!!!!!

Hey! Thank you to those who read my post last week - I received an email saying my very first blog had actually made the top 10% of all blogs on our website network provider (Shopify) which is huge!!

If you follow us on social media you would have probably seen last week was a pretty big week for us - our little brand officially became an award winning business!!!

We attended the Business Networking Awards on Saturday 9th March which is an awards event for all types of businesses and is the 7th year it has been running. We were told a few days before the awards that we were a finalist. A night to get dressed up, a sit down meal, child free....yes please!! I wore our Gloria maxi dress which seemed to fit the bill for a black tie event. (The benefit of having a clothing brand is I never have to worry about to wear!) The day of the awards was spent running round after the girls, being referee to their arguing, attempting to tidy the house - you know, all the usual glamorous things an award finalist does before an event.

Walking into the event was actually really nerve-wrecking. I always feel a little out of place at things like this. Like we’re not “real business people” I still feel like I pretty much wing it so it’s always strange being referred to as a “business woman” it all sounds very formal, organised and like I have my shizzle together!

When our name got called out as the winner we honestly sat there in shock. I know people say it all the time but we honestly never expected to win. Like I said - I still don’t feel like we’re a “real” business and we were up against some amazing companies! I didn’t even think about the fact we may actually win. My instant thought was “I wish I had wore some shoes I could actually walk in” quickly followed by “I maybe should have slowed down on the Prosecco”

Going on stage, all eyes on us was very surreal. I had completely forgotten we had to make a speech and I looked beggingly at Greg for him to talk (no chance - mental note to self prepare a speech in future just in case you actually win!!) I mumbled something about feeling like we had already won because we had managed to eat a hot meal on our own without the girls 100 demands for tomato ketchup. (a really professional and formal speech) I completely forgot to thank anybody and prayed I wouldn’t fall down the stairs on the way back to my seat.

The award we won was “Business to Consumer Business of the year” which was even more special for us. Our customers genuinely are at the heart of everything that we do and I’m so proud we have been recognised for that. I couldn’t think of a better award to win! The girls decided to jump on us at 5.30am the next morning which was really lovely (another mental note to never drink ever again) We had an amazing night and the support from our customers just blew us away! We had so many messages and comments and our Popsy tribe really was behind us!

I feel quite emotional at what we have achieved. Popsy has been going for two years now and Greg and I have actually worked on our little business every single day since we started. Popsy is a huge part of our lives and I can’t remember what we did with our time before. We joke that Popsy is like our 3rd child. Can keep us up at night - but extremely rewarding, especially when you see women benefiting from what we do. It is really nice knowing that our hard work has been recognised and we are going in the right direction. I guess sometimes the days and weeks can just roll into one and we never really stop and take a look at how far we have come.

So we are now officially an award winning business which wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing team behind us or our customers who continue to support us! Thank you to every single one of you - we are forever thankful to you and we are super excited for the future. 

A huge thank you to Dave Harper, owner of Silverpoint Property Services who organised the awards event.

Cherish x


  • Claire Austin

    Well done ! I saw a dress that lad baby’s missus Rocky was wearing to get ur details … haven’t seen on social media yet ! But first dress ordered and praying it fits !!

  • Claire Austin

    Well done ! I saw a dress that lad baby’s missus Rocky was wearing to get ur details … haven’t seen on social media yet ! But first dress ordered and praying it fits !!

  • Rachel Rumkee

    How fantastic!! I’m so proud of you and as one of the ‘PopsyTribe’ I feel that it was so well deserved as you look after your customers and unlike many businesses, you actually care and that’s what makes the difference x

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